In Pursuit of Lifestyle Nursing

Can we shift from sick care to health promotion and address the whole person? This includes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects, as well as consideration of the social and environmental determinants of health.

The Lifestyle Nursing initiative is inclusive of a broad spectrum of cultures and approaches to address wellness and personal well-being. It is also representative of a variety of nursing roles and the settings in which nurses practice. A diverse group of nursing experts from across the country have contributed to this initiative since 2018. While having an idea of an end product to address concerns in the arena of whole-person care and lifestyle management, we are guided by the input of thoughtful leaders who participate in facilitated discussions to help us define and actualize the outcome over the coming months and years.

The items and resources included within this website highlight the progress of our work, noting what we learned and the direction we are headed. We are grateful for the funding and support we have received from the Ardmore Institute of Health (AIH). Through the process of obtaining multiple grants from AIH, we have been able to expend resources in pursuit of promoting work on this initiative.

We are focused on improving the quality of patient care and enhancing the role of self-care in the practice of nursing. We believe there is more the nursing profession can do to address the needs of the whole-person, client or clinician. Let us explore how we can promote lifestyle nursing together.

We invite you to contact us if you have an interest in this work.

Thank you.

About the Ardmore Institute of Health

The Ardmore Institute of Health (AIH) is an independent, nonprofit Oklahoma corporation headquartered in Ardmore, OK. AIH was established in 1947 by Roy Johnson, and funded by the estate of Roy's son, Otey Johnson, MD. AIH seeks to improve the health and vitality of people around the world through the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits. The Johnsons were members of the Seventh-day Adventist church, and desired to extend the historic health ministry of the church through the establishment and funding of AIH.

About Southwestern Adventist University

Southwestern Adventist University is known for our friendly campus, commitment to academic excellence, and spiritual atmosphere. Building on that legacy and our mission, vision, and values, the strategic plan propels Southwestern Adventist University forward under the banner of our tagline: Knowledge, Faith, Service.

Mission: Inspiring knowledge, faith, and service through Christ-centered education

Vision: Southwestern Adventist University seeks to be a community that supports academic, spiritual, physical, and emotional wholeness encouraging all members to find their purpose and lead lives of service.

The Center for Wellness Integration at Southwestern Adventist University collaborates with the community to support engagement in whole-person wellness.

Wye River Group Overview

Wye River Group is a nonpartisan, not for profit entity, which serves as catalyst to raise awareness and broaden perspectives to enable cross stakeholder engagement. The organization tackles challenging public policy issues such as water and health and health care.

Based in Washington DC WRG and its sister organization GKEN.org (Global Knowledge Exchange Network) create an intellectual exchange of fresh ideas in a neutral environment, employing a dynamic process that works to stay ahead of emerging trends. We identify and advance approaches that build on the value of consensus and public private partnerships.

The strength of this work rests on the active engagement of a cross-section of stakeholders committed to advancing common goals. The unique, inclusive process employed in reaching agreement on issues helps ensure its long term viability in the public policy arena and in the marketplace.

Our success depends on maintaining our position as neutral catalyst skilled at creating an environment of trust and in setting the stage for dialogue involving diverse interests within an 'apolitical' philosophical framework.