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 Document:                                                                                                Description:


A refined copy of the Lifestyle Nursing Essentials that was submitted to the AACN Essentials Task Force.

2020 LN Collation of Essentials documents-communication

Includes both Exhibit A and B of the proposed Lifestyle Nursing Essentials documents, including who the documents were sent to, and receipt acknowledgment

2020 LN Comprehensive Invitee List

Denotes name of invitees who have participated in this initiative, beginning in 2018.

2019 LN Surveyresults-Organizational content

Collation of organizational and academic objectives for promoting lifestyle/whole person concepts from those participating in the December 2019 discussion.

2020-LM APM Competencies

Aligns lifestyle medicine competencies with healthcare payment models.

2020-LM APM Models

Provides a literature review and highlights of noted healthcare payment models.

2019 WPW Graphic Artist Renderings-PPT

Graphics and notations from the June 2019 meeting, highlighting the discussion and key conclusions.

2019 WPW Survey results-Topic interest

June 2019 invitees were asked to comment on specific whole-person concepts and the relevance of the concepts to nursing practice and education. This document collates and displays responses.

2018-WPW Whole Person Concepts Fishbone Diagram

Topics identified for intentional inclusion in nursing education as initially discussed in July 2018.

2018 WPW Initial 6

Picture of the nurse educators who met in July of 2018 and started the Whole-person Wellness conversation